Let it Snow?

Look what we woke up to...more snow!

Are you kidding me? We are supposed to head downtown this morning. I'm seeing the Color Purple at the Paramount Theater this afternoon with some girlfriends. I hope we can make it. Then off to my Mom's tonight for Christmas festivities. I'll be back blogging next week (hopefully!)...happy holidays to you all!

Christmas 2007


Snow Days

It has been snowing and snowing and snowing in Seattle. It is like nothing I've seen here before! It snowed another few inches after we took these shots and it is supposed to snow again tomorrow!

We've been house bound for several days and have gotten a lot done. I spent a while yesterday chipping away stray grout in the bathroom and scrubbing down the new tile floor.

And the best part? Our sink is finally here. I absolutely LOVE it! Isn't it pretty?

It is the jewel of the bathroom. :) We're taking a break for the holidays and work should start up again on the 26th. More pictures to come.


Making Progress!

The tile is up and the toilet is in...we're making progress!

I absolutely love the floor and think the wall looks fantastic. And our little toilet makes a huge difference with space!

Up next, the sink, light fixtures, wall paint, new mirror frame and shower hardware. Yippee!


Demo Time

The bathroom is completely demolished...it is so exciting to watch!

Bye bye little old toilet!

Our plaster had to be removed to make way for backer board to tile over...

We opened up the wall under the window in the shower to check for water damage. Amazingly, all is well. No water damage to be seen after 80 years of use!

I can't wait for our new fixtures! Next up...tile.


Let the fun begin!

It is about that time...bathroom renovation time that is! Here are the before pictures of our little gem of a WC...

As you can see...it is pretty small.

There is a charming original tile mosaic floor, but it is chipped and stained and doesn't do much for the style of the room. We'll be replacing it with a gorgeous Carrara marble floor in a basketweave pattern with a black dot like this...

The shower is in desperate need of a retile and refixture job. We're going to reglaze the cast iron tub, and are tiling the shower surround in a white subway tile.

I'm so excited to have our shower head placed at the right level. Right now it hits me right in the middle of the chest and don't even get me started about the four handles we have going on. What is that about?

The toilet is mounted about 6 inches away from the wall which creates a very cramped space. We've purchased a smaller, round toilet that will give us much more room. It will also be remounted so it is a normal distance from the wall...no more wasted space! Now our knees won't hit the tub! :)

Finally, my favorite part...we'll be adding tile wainscoting half way up the wall and replacing our teeny tiny sink with this masterpiece!

Isn't it pretty? I think it is really going to create the biggest visual change to the room. I also had the idea of having our contractor add an outlet to the inside of the medicine cabinet. Now we can put our Sonicare toothbrushes away and not have them out for all to see. Yippee!!

Check back tomorrow for updates on the renovations!

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