Light My Fire!

The German company Rephorm has recently posted a new item that is just spectacular!

The urBonfire runs on smoke/fume free bio-ethanol and can be used in any exterior or interior space from your deck or patio to your living room. How groovy! Find it here.


Jennifer Murphy

Sometimes you stumble upon something that you absolutely don't need, but you absolutely love. That is how I feel about Jennifer Murphy's charming and whimsical cake toppers. This darling stork baby shower cake topper is about the sweetest thing I've seen.

You can customize the interior of the base to feature the child's name etc. What a wonderful gift to a new little family!

They are a bit of an investment, but they truly are of heirloom quality and something that would be passed down through the generations. More of Jennifer's stork toppers are featured on her etsy site.

Jennifer also creates the cutest little bird wedding cake toppers and ring boxes...soooo sweet!

How charming are they? And what about her spectacular stuffed animals!?

Mattie the Bunny is so dang darling I can hardly stand it. This woman really has an amazing talent and has her finger on the pulse of cuteness! Order your own custom piece on her website here. If you can't afford one of her originals, she has just launched a line of mass produced items too which you can find here.


Isn't it Lovely?

I'm in love with this vase available at Rose and Radish.

It is called the Constance Vase and is designed by Klein Reid of Brooklyn. I love the floral details, the tall stature of the piece, the delicate texture of the applique and the magnificent modern base. I just think it is beautiful. Too bad it costs $1,463.00!! Woah Nelly. I'll just have to keep visiting it online. :)

Map Totes

How charming are these darling bags by MAPTOTE?

There are tons of cities represented (unfortunately, not Seattle!). They are cheeky and fun and are a great shopping bag option! Something about the campy log cabin font on the Portland bag speaks to me. What do you think?


Get Your Muse On!

In an update to my earlier Muse Coffee Co. post, I must share the shop's latest addition. An online merchandise store! They have a variety of shirts for men, women, kids and dogs as well as mugs, stickers, magnets and pins.

The products offered really are pretty cool. Check out their shop here and sport your own star! ...get your Muse on!

My First Crush

I saw this video on Creature Comforts and just had to share it...

It is so very sweet and the illustrations by Julia Pott are marvelous. I find myself wanting to watch it again and again. I hope you enjoy it too and remember back to your darling first crush! Ain't love grand?!


What's Your Preppy Name?

This is a completely silly waste of time, but kind of fun none the less. If you're bored today, check out your preppy name and let me know what it is...I think mine is a little much!

Your Preppy Name Is...

Quinney Emerson Delancey the Sixth
But most people know you as Bootsy

What's Your Preppy Name?


Chalkboard Candles

I love these! I was making my usual blog rounds and surfed on over to Design Sponge...one of my favorites. I've been a bit slammed with work the past week and haven't kept up on articles and in perusing the archive found these...

They come in gorgeous scents like Gardenia and Persian Fig and can be purchased at delight.com. For $19.50...they are a steal! I can just envision them being used on a kids table with hand drawn artwork or as a perfect back to school gift for a teacher. So clever!


Portfolio: Muse Coffee Co.

I've had the pleasure of working with my dear friend Brent to provide signage for his fantastic coffee shop Muse Coffee Co. Located on the West side of lovely Queen Anne, Muse definitely has its own style. Brent already had a rockin' logo:

And a modern, funky interior...

Wanting to stick with the existing design forward, trendy look of the space, I created a white vinyl cling menu that Brent adhered to his charcoal grey walls.

The greatest part? If Brent changes his menu, all he has to do is pull off the vinyl cling and remount a new one!

Next we tackled the pastry case...we wanted a similar look so we went with a "mini-menu" look for price tags...

Again, needing flexibility, we created blank cards that Brent can write on in white wax pencil if he offers new products.

I have to say...it all turned out swimmingly. Muse is such a fantastic place and has become one of my favorite hang outs. The environment is warm, the people are friendly, the internet is free, the music is superior, the coffee is spectacular (Herkimer!), the treats are decadent and they host all kinds of fun events like a rotating art gallery and Monday night Purl Jam, a fun knitting group. Best of all, Brent is a gem. I encourage you to check them out!


Magno Wooden Radio... Magnificent!

While perusing the website of one of my favorite local Seattle stores, Velocity Art & Design, I came across this beauty...

The Magno Wooden Radio designed by Singgih Kartono is sooo fantastic! It is built of sustainable wood and is compatible with most mp3 players! If you want to pick one up, you can find it here.

They also make a smaller version which is just as charming.

I can't decide which one I like better. I love how they slightly look like wood shop projects...simple and organic, but upon closer inspection are detailed, finely made music machines! Bravo!


Taking a Break

I have a ton of work to do today so I'm taking a blogging break...I'll be back tomorrow. Until then, enjoy the sunshine!

xo Chelsea


House of Cards Video

Radiohead recently released an impressive video for their song "House of Cards"

No cameras or lights were used. The entire video is composed of data collected by lasers and scanners which creates intricate 3D images. In this video, 64 lasers rotating and shooting in a 360 degree radius 900 times per minute produced all the exterior scenes. The only way to really understand it is to watch the making of the video...

What a fascinating, evaporating, data-driven world! I respect Radiohead so much for using alternative technologies in their videos. They truly are cutting edge and inspirational.

Am I still just a Radiohead fan or am I becoming a fanatic?



I was treated to quite the culinary experience last night at a superb new Italian restaurant on Capitol Hill called Spinasse.

photo via Spinasse

To begin with, the decor is spectacular...rustic and charming it is like dining in a friend's home. A friend with a gorgeous eye for design! Worn wood beams punctuate the walls and four family style tables surrounded by mismatched wood farm chairs fill the room. Drippy candles and Italian art hang on the walls which encompass a fantastic bar topped with honed Carrera marble and deep dark wood shelves. The windows are covered with delicate lace adding to the traditional yet modern homey feel. Romantic and fun...I loved it!

photo via here

I wish I could have smuggled in my camera to take pictures of the fantastic food we ate. Here is a list of the decadence that we consumed...

A salad of marinated beets, fennel and local farro: one of my favorites

Anchovies in Piemontese green sauce with crumbled egg yolk: I didn't think I would like these but I really did!

Gorgeous portabello mushrooms doused in a creamy buttery cheese sauce: I think my description says it all YUMMMM!

Fine hand cut egg pasta with ragu: Rich while staying light...did I mention they hand make all their pasta in house?

Piemontese agnolotti in broth with Italian black summer truffle shavings: Mild and comforting

Huckleberries marinated in Grappa with a dollop of freshly whipped cream: Fantastic...sweet and tart with perfectly smooth cream....ahhh

I know, I know...are you kidding me? It was so flipping good. Not to mention the cocktails and wine. We were in heaven!

photo via here

This place must be checked out by all...I guarantee you will enjoy it!


Thomas Paul

I've been a fan of Thomas Paul for a long time. His whimsical pillows are something I often check out and I even have featured on my bed.

Recently I visited his new website. I love it!

The layout of the home page featuring a silhouette of a tree and colorful, cheeky little tweeting birds as navigation is just darling. He has a plethora of new products too! His lighting is fantastic!

Gorgeous rugs that would brighten any room...

He even has wonderful little tote bags now. I love these!

And of course...there still are those perfect pillows. I just love the variety he offers. Classic and modern...my favorite aesthetic!

So great! Check out www.thomaspaul.com!

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