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Thank you to coco+kelley for a fantastic week of interior design inspiration for offices in homes and small businesses! Suite 7 Creative was featured in a lovely post on Tuesday of the week long "style (e)scapes" series.

It is so fun to share my space and to let people know you can still have great design in your life, even if you don't have a huge budget! Here is a peek into my work space which is located right off my living room...

Thank you for the feature coco+kelley! For more details, check out the original post!


All that Glimmers

I love gold...I always have. Ever since high school when everyone was wearing chunky silver jewelry, I was still sporting dainty gold pieces. That is why I am in LOVE with the new "Hold" line from Prismera.

Featuring the ever perfect theme of glamourized organic elements, all of the pieces are absolutely stunning! My favorite? This gorgeous "Cherish Bangle".

SO BEAUTIFUL!! I love how they look stacked.

I'll take a few please....okay?


Welcome Home Zoe!

Introducing our new addition...

ZOE! She is a lot of work, but is about the cutest thing I've ever seen! We picked her up on Saturday and it has been fun ever since...

She loves to hide under the couch...look at her cute little feet!

And the best is when she is on her back...you can see her little corgi ears pop up! I can't wait until they stay.

I love this little girl. She is going to keep me busy for awhile!


Time for Spring!

Even though is is raining in Seattle and snowing in New York, today is the First Day of Spring! I like to believe this is what is happening outside my door as I sit here working...

Just keep thinking, "time for Spring!", "time for Spring!". Maybe we can beat Old Man Winter. Happy Spring all!


Chic Kiddos

I've just posted my first two custom stationery options to the Suite 7 Creative Shop. I've decided to launch my new stationery line with two children's options...

I am so sick of the overdone cutesy designs that are typical of children's stationery. Kiddos need to be chic too, don't you think? Check out the shop and order a set for your little ones! They'll be the coolest babies on the block...I promise!


Revive Your Style

One of my favorite local shops, Revival Home & Garden recently launched their new website and I have to say it is just fabulous!

Leah, the owner, has such an amazing eye with a mix of vintage and modern pieces...I always pop into the shop for inspiration and now I can peruse the loveliness from my comfy couch! And the best part? You can purchase from their online shop. Here is what I'm currently eyeing...

These reversible pillows would look great layered on my sofa

I would love to hang this amazing red lantern over my mirrored side table in my living room. Ahhh, dreaming is fun!

I wish I had room for this stunning black velvet settee.

Pop in these beautiful pierced jars, and voila! I'm done...

Except, maybe, for this little bobble... gorgeous! But enough with my dreams...
You must check them out and let me know what your favorite pieces are. And if the website isn't enough, they have a fantastic blog too!


New Shop Items!

I just posted some fun new items to the Suite 7 Creative shop. I have note cards for every occasion...

Even St. Patrick's Day...

Get em while they're hot!

Stay tuned, because custom stationery is coming soon. You can visit the etsy shop any time or if you're in Seattle, head over to Muse Coffee Co. and pick up your own slice of Suite 7 today!

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