Happy Halloween!

There is nothing like a good holiday to get me back in the mood for blogging. Things have been super hectic with the move, but we're in our little house and loving it! Look for posts starting next week chronicling our quest to make our house a home. But....back to the subject at hand: HALLOWEEN!

I have to give props to this guy!

Stein just sent this to me and I just had to share it. There he is working away in his office and what does he see out the window? Spider Man! What a great costume for a window washer. Way to celebrate the season, man! I love it. I just can't get enough of this guy.

Thank you for making my day window washer man. You're the best. And to you all...have a safe and fun Halloween!


Busy Building a Home

OK, I lied...but I didn't do it on purpose! This moving thing is taking a lot more time than anticipated. I've been busy unpacking, organizing and cleaning away and haven't had a moment to blog.

I'll get back to blogging as soon as I can, so stay tuned for updates on the home makeover as well as a big announcement on the Suite 7 Creative front! Until then, I bid you adieu.


Adios Apartment...Hello Home!

I'm packing, packing and then packing some more so I'll be taking a break from blogging until Monday. Check back next week for updates on the house, decor plans and general joy about finally being in our own home!

Have a wonderful weekend and send us happy thoughts for a quick, uneventful move!


Project Runway

In honor of the Project Runway season finale airing tonight...I offer you this...

How fantastic is that? I have to say, beside the drama and the sometimes fantastic fashion, Tim Gunn is my favorite part of the show. The Vintage Pearl captured his famous line "Make it Work!" perfectly with this darling charm necklace. Find their etsy shop here and get one for yourself. You'll need it to get you through until next season. Enjoy watching tonight!

All Praise Adam Frank & Lumen

Let there be light! How absolutely gorgeous, whimsical, unique and fantastic are these?

Designer Adam Frank has release a line of light sculptures called Lumen that are to die for. Each is intended to be a study of light and shadow and they are magnificent. Many dreamy shapes are available.

I really love them all...

You can place them on a table top, or for optimal viewing, place them on a matching wall mount...

These little treasures are available on Adam Frank's website or via Velocity Art & Design. All I can say is love, love, love!


Strip Teas

I was visiting my favorite coffee shop, Muse Coffee Co. this weekend on Queen Anne and discovered Brent is carrying a new, hip, spectacular, fun, yummy tea called Strip Teas.

The design of these little puppies is just ingenious. In a tall aluminum foil perforated pocket, the entire tea "strip" is environmentally sound and 100% recyclable. The unique shape allows for the tea leaves within to unfurl releasing the fantastic flavors into the water and is the perfect shape to act double duty as a stir stick!

Packaging is just charming and the teas come in six spectacular flavors including Masala Chai (a black tea with ginger, pepper, basil and a touch of cinnamon), Pushkar Rose (just as it sounds, flavored with rose) and Maristar (with marigold petals and sweet anise).

Strip Teas is the brain child of Emily Koteff who lives here in Seattle, so support a local business woman and pick up a cup of Strip Teas at Muse Coffee Co. today!


The Oxford Project

When visiting Revival Home and Garden last week, I came upon a book that made me think, laugh and thoroughly impressed me...The Oxford Project.

This genius book was created by Peter Feldstein in 1984 when he set up a sign offering "free portraits" in the town of Oxford, Iowa. His intention was to photograph all of the town's 673 inhabitants. By the end of his campaign, he had captured the images of 670 of the townspeople. None of them were posed, simply caught in their natural light.

The real magic happened when Peter came back to the town 21 years later in 2005 and re-photographed many of the same folks. Some had passed and most had changed, but amazingly a large number of them still lived in the small town. Peter invited writer Stephen G. Bloom to accompany him to capture the subject's narrative on their own life. The only parameters..."to tell the truth." And so The Oxford Project was born.

Pat Henkelman offers a story of infidelity, faith and daily life here.

Hunter Tandy speaks of his life's passion, his second cousin Ashton Kutcher and life in a small town here.

Darrell Lindley speaks of his gruesome but necessary job, life and death, the war and his favorite pass times here.

The stories are touching and eye opening and are a glorious look into the daily lives of those around us. I particularly enjoy the photos of children in '84 who are now grown. The way they recount their hopes and dreams and reveal how life has turned out reminds us all of our past and dreams for the future. I've added The Oxford Project to my list of must haves and will pick it up for sure!


There's No Place Like Home

I'm thrilled to announce Stein and I are homeowners! We got the keys to our little jewel last night and spent the evening planning renovations, making decor plans and sharing our dreams for the future.

Center to our discussion was the review of Domino's new book...The Book of Decorating

The book is officially released on October 14th, but one of my favorite shops here in Seattle, Revival Home and Garden has pre-release copies! Their fantastic shop is going to be featured in an upcoming Domino issue, so they were blessed with a great shipment of early books. I rushed over yesterday to ensure I had my copy for our evening of brainstorming and couldn't be more thrilled with the publication. It is like a fantastic scrapbook of my favorite rooms featured throughout the years in the magazine along with helpful hints and how tos. I'm calling it my decorating bible, but it really is like "Decor 101".

Run down to Revival to get one for yourself or definitely pick one up on the 14th...it is well worth it! Tre Magnific!!


I {heart} the Fleet Foxes!

Last Spring, Stein introduced me to the Fleet Foxes. We went to see them live at Neumos and I instantly fell in love. Their beautiful melodies and spectacular (and I mean SPECTACULAR) voices are otherworldly. Check them out for yourself!

They give me chills...I hate to put them in a music box, but it is like CSN&Y and Fleetwood Mac got rolled up in a shiny new package with masterful lyrics and classic harmonies that take you away. You really must see them live!

They are really taking off and now inspiring a whole new group of artists. Check these ladies out...

Sharing my same admiration (covering the Fleet Foxes Tiger Mountain Peasant Song), these Swedish sisters (going by the name First Aid Kit) have wonderful voices of their own. I love how music is just a big inspirational circle. Maybe I should just say I {heart} music, but for now, I'll stick with my favorite and say I {heart} the FLEET FOXES!


Yummy Or Creepy?

I came across these Vanishing Creatures commemorative chocolates by Walteria Living...

The series of chocolates including busts of a pygmy hippo, mountain gorilla and koala bear commemorate endangered species. A portion of the proceeds of the sale of the chocolates go to aid WSPA.

The cause is wonderful and really the relation is a bit uncanny (the hippo is kinda cute). What do you think...are these yummy or creepy? I can't decide! Find your own at Unica Home.


I'll Take It!

Can you believe this amazing Manhattan apartment? All I can say is...yes please!

Real estate mogul (and one of the top 100 bachelors in NYC as named by Gotham Magazine) Matt Blesso's fantastic apartment is a dream designed by two Yale design professors...Joel Sanders, architect and Diana Balmori, landscape architect. They specifically focused on bringing the outdoors and indoors together with the landscape design highlighting the fantastic features of the space's architecture.

If that outdoor shower isn't enough for you, look how they bring the outside in here...what a GORGEOUS bathroom!

That plant wall is spectacular. The rest of the interior is just as fine with organic furniture, graffiti style art and a master bedroom completely encased in glass that turns frosted for privacy with the flip of a switch!

I know jealousy is wrong...oohhh, but I am! What a lucky boy Mr. Blesso is!

photos via The New York Times


Missing Summer... Already!

OK, I know I live in the great Northwest...and it is beautiful! But, I miss this...

and this...

oh, and this too!

Can we have a little more summer please?

Keep in a summer state of mind and don't let the rain get ya down! At least that is what I'm telling myself :)


Happy Funky Friday!

In honor of funk and one of the best days of the week (Friday of course!), I present one of my favorite current commercials!

Those little guys just crack me up! It looks like these kiddos appreciate it too!

Happy Friday all and have a fantastic weekend!


I {heart} Dahlias!

Tis the season for one of my favorite flowers of all time...Dahlias!

My sweetie brought me a huge bunch of them last night and I now have them scattered all over my house. Reds and oranges in the living room,

pink and white in the kitchen

and pale yellow in the bathroom.

I love how each flower is different with their own personality. They brighten any room and certainly make me happy. I'm so excited to plant a cutting garden full of them so my house will be full of blooms by next summer. Gorgeous!

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