Go Go Target!

I've been plugging along working on my house. Choosing home decor items that bring it warmth and style, but lets face it, with this economy it is more important to stay on budget! I was perusing my local Target store this weekend and I have to say I was more than impressed with their Home Design Event.

Granted, we're not talking showroom quality here, but the design of these pieces are right up there! And the cost...are you kidding? The whole collection is currently 30% off! Check out my favorites...

The Ceana Chair is about as perfect as it can get. It comes in a lovely shade of grey canvas and is only $299 or $419 for the pair! A steal...

I love this Branch Side Table. It has a fabulous organic shape, is made of real wood and covered in a black lacquer which is oh so chic! At $62.99 you can't go wrong!

This Woven Floral Rug is so lovely and is only $83.99 for a 5'x7'...it would look very pretty in our bedroom.

I've admired these Root Wooden Bowls for a long time and at $34.99, they are half the price of those I've seen in boutiques!

I could seriously go on and on. I don't think this collection is going to be available forever and if your Target is like mine, some of the best stuff has already been picked off. I had to share though, style like this for such a cheap price is just too good to pass up. There are tons of items available...treasure hunt for yourself and let me know what you get!


Living Graffiti

I was excited to find this article about living graffiti on the inhabitat website. What a novel idea. Artist Edina Tokodi is taking standard graffiti to a whole new level...

Creating living installations made entirely of moss, Tokodi is interested in the tie between man and nature and how people (specifically city dwellers) feel a disconnect with the environment. A large part of her art simply involves watching how passers by react to the living pieces. Do they stop? Do they walk right by? Do they dismantle the pieces or begin to care for them?

This idea of art as a living thing, having a life of its own and ever changing really intrigues me. Adding to the environment's beauty and bringing nature to places where natural beauty is sparse...what a creative idea!


Artistic Headboard

I was visiting one of my favorite sources for inspiration today, apartment therapy, looking for ideas to use in my bedroom. I stumbled across this fantastic idea for a unique, stylish and personal headboard...

Really, it is very simple. Find an oversized old frame from a piece of art or mirror, knock out the contents and hang it behind your bed. Fill it with photos, postcards, images and momentos and voila, you have a perfect headboard that is unique to you! I love the simplicity of it...I was so impressed I had to share!


Rainbow Connection

I'm loving this colorful city love poster from accesori on etsy...

Perfect typography and my favorite cities! It comes in a version in shades of purple too, but I love the bright primary colors of this version.

They also make this wonderful rainbow poster...I think I must get it for my office!

I've been in such a color rut lately...always going tone on tone and muted with my color schemes. This little guy reminds me there are a whole rainbow of fruit flavors out there. Yum!

Images by accesori


Bean Stalker

This is one of the strangest, yet cool products I've seen in awhile. SMP's Bloom in a Can Message Bean is so creative!

Found online at the A+R Store this crazy bean is laser engraved with one of eight messages from "Dream" to "Best Wishes" to "Love" or "Good Luck"...a message that is revealed after the magic bean is planted in the provided container and grows into a beautiful little plant!

Isn't that clever? Who would think of that? What a sweet gift for Valentine's Day. You can plant a seed and watch your love grow! Awww....

photos provided by A+R Store


Where have I been?

Well, it has been a busy couple of weeks. We had loads and loads and loads of snow, topped off by three feet by Christmas morning at my Mom's house just outside of Seattle!

We had a lot of christmas fun, full of lovely decor. My Mom's tree is always my favorite...

But, we didn't do too bad ourselves decorating our little living room.

I was so sad to take it all down, but by New Year's Eve, it had to be done! We had a great time ringing in the new year at a local pub with friends...

And to top it all off, we've almost finished our bathroom...we spent the first couple of days of the year painting and painting...

First, we had to scrape off some of the old flakey paint. Can you believe the colors that have been used over the past 80 years?

Well, we took care of that with a nice clean coat of silver grey paint. I love it!

We have a nice new shower head, and it is at the proper height!

The grey looks so great against the white trim, sink and toilet!

Now, the finishing touches. We have a new fan/light combo which is functional and great

And our gorgeous light fixture will go up here, above the medicine cabinet next week!

As soon as the light is up, I'll post more pictures. Now, on to the dilemma of staying with a neutral grey, white and black palette or going for a pop of color. We still need a shower curtain and perhaps some art above the toilet. There are so many options, I just can't decide!

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