Back to Holland

Stein and I had a wonderful few days in Holland before leaving for Barcelona, Spain. We´ve now been here for 4 days and are leaving to go back to Holland tomorrow morning for a week. Both Spain and Holland are such wonderful countries. Barcelona reminds me of Paris, and the Spanish countryside is very much like Tuscany. Wonderful! We are having a fantastic time! Our access to the internet is limited, so I probably will not post this week, but next week come back to hear detailed stories from our trip with pictures! Adios!


Look Out Monsters!

OK, I know I'm posting a lot of funny kid posts...but can you deny it? They are hilarious!

I know this is a naughty word for a kid to say, but I think her Mom handled it fairly well. How could you not laugh when your cute little girl seriously said something like this?! Happy Friday!


Oh, Baby!

Everyone who knows me knows I love babies. Check out these little cuties!

But wait, there's more! If this doesn't get you, I don't know what will!


The Shiny Guy Always Worries...

This really does make all kinds of sense...genius!

Don't you just love the way she says Obie Canobie?


You go girls!

No matter how many times I see this it makes me laugh!

How is it that the choreography still works so perfectly? Hysterical!



This is my favorite YouTube movie ever...

Charlie is the best...watch how he giggles! And their little accents are to die for. Enjoy!


We Made It!

Just a quick note to say we´ve landed safely in Holland. Our flight was uneventful and I got a couple of fun movies in. No sleeping however which left me feeling extremely tired yesterday. Stein and I had a great bike ride today around his cousin´s neighborhood. My first observation...everyone in Holland has immaculate interior design taste. The architecture is so wonderful...like falling into a fairy tale. Brick homes with thached roofs, but all with large picture windows and beautiful modern elegant interiors. Perfection! I´ll get some shots and post soon. More to come!


We're Off!

Stein and I are off this morning to our long awaited adventure in Holland and Spain. I'm so thrilled to meet more of Stein's family members and to see two new beautiful countries! I know this will be the trip of a lifetime!

While I'm away, my blogging may be intermittent, so I've decided to pop in some of my favorite YouTube videos. Check back regularly for some great viewing and exciting travel updates! Have a fantastic weekend!

Photo courtesy of flickr


Here Comes Jib Jab

These videos crack me up. No matter what your political view, if we can't laugh at each other, what can we do?
If you want to "click the button" as they say at the end of the clip, visit Jib Jab here!


My New Arrival

A couple of weeks ago I ordered a custom purse from Laura Bee Designs. I decided to order a functional travel bag in grey suede with a peachy apricot lining. Quick as a bee herself, Laura whipped my custom travel purse together in a flash. I picked it up yesterday and love it. Here it is...

I'm really happy with the way it turned out. It is simple and durable and completely functional with its long cross body strap, zippers galore and plethora of internal pockets. The bright lining keeps it fun and adds a fantastic pop of color. I can't wait to tote this baby all over Holland & Spain!


Weekend Excursion

This weekend Stein and I decided to walk down to the Seattle Art Museum, Olympic Sculpture Park. It was such a gorgeous, sunny day...we had a fantastic time. Acting like tourists in our own town, we wandered the park, enjoyed the view and saw some spectacular pieces...

I love this sculpture called Perre's Ventaglio III by Beverly Pepper. The shiny chrome finish is offset by a deep azure blue interior. It really sparkles in the sun and creates unique optical illusions with its intricate shape.

Each piece has such rich colors and textures. They are highlighted beautifully against the sunny, blue Seattle sky.

I'm not too wild about the giant, orange construction cones. Does anyone know what these are all about? I decided maybe they are place holders for future sculptures. Maybe?

The bright, modern chairs scattered about the park are a much better use of orange. I love how you can pull them wherever you want and create your own little seating area.

This giant ampersand is really fun. It is surrounded by tables shaped like punctuation marks and letters. Perfect for a graphic designer!

Finally, my absolute favorite piece...this giant tree is completely made of metal. I love the mix of nature and man made materials. It is majestic and elegant and again is greatly highlighted against the beautiful blue sky.

See the Sub Pop flag on top of the Space Needle? They are celebrating their 20th anniversary!

We finished off our night at our favorite neighborhood hangout Via Tribunali with our ever entertaining friends, Brent & Kelley.

It was a fantastic day!

Happy Bastille Day!

In honor of France's "Fête Nationale", I thought I would post some photos from my trip to Paris in February. This was my first trip to this magical place and I absolutely loved it! I can't wait until my next trip. Enjoy the view...

The Hall of Mirrors at Versailles

Arc de Triomphe

A different view of the Eiffel Tower

Can you believe this gorgeous statue flanked a garage door opening?

Speaks for itself!

Inside Musée d'Orsay

This beauty by van Gogh nearly made me wet my pants!

The impressive Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral

Tre Magnific!

There are so many more photos to share, these are just the highlights. On my last trip, I definitely ran around like a camera crazy tourist, flashing photos left and right. My next trip will be a bit more leisurely, sipping champagne, browsing through shops and falling in love with Paris all over again!

Image of Monet's La Rue Montorgueil courtesy of www.impressionist-art-gallery.com


It's in the bag, baby!

As I'm sure you've noticed, eco friendly shopping bags are popping up left and right. The plight of clearing out land fills is no longer just a question of values, it has become a fashion statement! Check out these fantastic shopping bags and let all of those around you know how you feel about saving the earth...

The Flora Shopper Bag by Envirosax is now available at Target! With a modern, somewhat Asian feel... for $9.99 who could go wrong?

The Betty Bag from b. happybags is so bright and fun. Definitely one for the hot summer months!

This fantastic tote from Basura Bags is made from recycled juice packs by a women's co-op in the Philippines. Completely unique and completely recycled!

OK, two more from Envirosax...they're just so dang pretty!

And don't forget Baggu! They come in a rainbow of fun colors...it's hard to just buy one!

What bag do I use? Well, my Harrod's bag of course. I adore it.

So, my friends, the answer these days to the age old question "paper or plastic?" is "none, I have my own thank you!" Make sure you stand out by finding a re-usable bag that is uniquely yours.

images courtesy of Target, b. happybags, reusablebags.com, Envirosax and apartment therapy


Perfect Plastic

Plastic lawn furniture...what does that phrase conjure up? Images of lawn gnomes, dilapidated trailer parks and pink flamingos? Not the case my friends! I recently stumbled upon something that I think is genius...Plastic Fantastic by Jasper van Grootel at Studio JSPR, a Dutch interior design brand.

They've taken classic lined, antique inspired furniture and essentially dipped it in plastic. Why would they do this? Well, not only does it make the piece weather proof...yes ALL weather proof, but it allows for the application of amazing bright colors to the piece as well.

Outdoors or in, these delightfully whimsical yet classic pieces are so inspired. The range of colors available is incredible...like a rainbow. Too bad they cost a bit more than my price range will allow!

If you have the "financial bandwidth" you can purchase Plastic Fantastic at nova 68 and Generate.

photos courtesy of Moco Loco, ohdeedoh, Crib Candy, nova 68 and Little-Pumpkins


La-La Land No.1

Several people have asked me to elaborate on the "La-La Land" of my childhood that I referred to in an earlier post. What is it exactly? Well, I guess a place of girlish sunny optimism where fantasy and imagination run wild. I found a video recently that fits perfectly into my La-La world...take a peek!

Keep your eyes peeled for future posts further elaborating on this very "Chelsea" point of view.
"Think Pink!"

80's Flashback!

Anyone who knows me well, knows I heart the 80's. It was the time of my childhood...full of fun. I found something today that took me right back to the golden era...grown up Shrinky Dinks!

Well, this product is known as Shrinky Sheets and is so new and improved that it can be run through your inkjet printer! Just think, all of your beautiful art and design can now be shrunk down into those ever so charming little, crafty bits. The Shrinky Sheets can even work for photos!

How cute is that little dog ring? Artist Rylan Morrison has created a jewelry line with her little Shrinky treasures called White Limousine. Check out this bad boy...I love it! The possibilities are endless!

I absolutely love this product and will have to pick myself up a pack. You can find them at the Curiosity Shoppe for only $12...what a steal for a time machine back to childhood joy!

images via the Curiosity Shoppe and Talia Simhi of Time Out New York


Bee Mine

While getting ready for my upcoming trip, I've been looking around for a fashionable shoulder bag to use as a travel purse. You know, one that can strap across your body, has lots of pockets, but doesn't look like it came from the Army Navy Surplus?! I received a gift certificate to Laura Bee Designs for my birthday and decided this weekend was the perfect time to cash her in and make the custom travel purse of my dreams!

Laura Bee's shop is located in the hip Seattle area of Ballard and is full of fun jewelry, accessories and custom purses. Yes, you heard me right, CUSTOM purses! Peruse the over 20+ styles of purses from clutches to laptop bags, then choose your own fabrics, accent leather, vintage ribbon & button accessories and custom pockets to make the perfect bag. Laura herself is almost always in the shop and any of her talented designers can help you pick the perfect combination if you're feeling overwhelmed by the plethora of options set before you. Then, once you're all designed, your bag is made by hand in their Ballard shop and is usually ready within a month.

I chose the Rachel shoulder bag. I love the ruching of the fabric...adding an elegant look to a very utilitarian bag. My perfect travel bag has been customized with a convertible strap that allows you to change from a long body crossing strap to a standard length shoulder strap and is filled with internal pockets for my cell phone, passport and sunglasses, plus still has room for any souvenir purchases I make along the way! To ensure my new beauty matched with all of my travel wardrobe, I went with a neutral ruched grey microsuede with fabulous tone on tone grey patton leather accents for the outside and a bright pop of peachy pink silk taffeta for the internal lining. I chose to omit the vintage button embellishment for a cleaner, more modern look, but there truly are a HUGE variety to choose from...all of which are very fun. Love it!

My perfect travel purse is going to be ready just before I leave and I can't wait. It is so fun to know I will have a fashionable, unique and utilitarian purse that will keep all of my valuables safe while I'm on the go. Visit Laura's shop sometime, it is worth the trip!
Live outside of the area? Visit www.laurabeedesigns.com and order online...have your custom creation shipped to you!

Photos courtesy of Soulstice Imagery and Laura Bee Designs.


Red, White and Blueberry!

When wondering what to post for the 4th of July, what came to mind? Cocktails of course! Enjoy this fabulous Blueberry Mojito recipe, courtesy of St. Joe's Bar in New Orleans (via Food & Wine Magazine) inspired by my friend Gavin who works at Sostanza in Madison Park, here in Seattle.

10 mint leaves, plus 1 mint sprig for garnish
10 blueberries
3/4 ounce Simple Syrup
1 1/2 ounces gold rum
1 ounce fresh lime juice
1 ounce chilled club soda
1 ounce chilled Sprite

In a cocktail shaker, muddle the mint leaves, blueberries and Simple Syrup. Fill with ice, add the rum and lime juice and shake well. Strain into an ice-filled highball glass, top with the club soda and Sprite and garnish with the mint sprig.

What could be better than that? Sweet, tart and totally patriotic! OK, maybe that is going a bit too far. Enjoy your 4th of July everyone...I'll see you Monday!

Photo courtesy of the Food Network


The origin of Suite...

Yes, hard to believe but Suite 7 Creative has now officially been in business for one year! As I congratulate myself on making it through the ups and downs of a year of entrepreneurship, I find myself reflecting on what it took to get here and imagining what the future holds. Well my friends, with this being my first blog post, I thought I'd take you all along this journey.

Here is a bit of my story...

It all started when I was but a wee one...living in what my friends liked to call "La-La Land". What is this magical place you ask? Well, simply the world of imagination I was blessed to grow up in. Being an only child for most of my life, I spent a lot of time entertaining myself and truly created an amazing dream world of my own. I flourished in an environment of creativity and wondered as I grew older, how can I harness this childlike world and continue it into my adult life? Graphic design of course! Well...if only it was that easy...

I started off my college career at the University of Washington...dead set on being the next Jane Pauley. When I realized the road to the Today Show would be an extremely long one full of exciting bouts of broadcasting as the weather girl in Podunk Nowhere, I re-evaluated and went back to my original dream of maintaining a creative and fun lifestyle. What is the answer? Well, a transfer of schools of course...straight to Bellingham and to Western Washington University.
I'd be a teacher of course...sharing my love of creativity with the children of the world! Well, easier said than done. I of course (being the dreamy dreamer that I am) didn't consult with the powers that be to ensure I would transfer seamlessly into a new school. I ended up having a year to make up required course work and in the mean time got a job at the ever fantastic WWU newspaper...The Western Front! Well, working on the layout of this beauty really changed my life. We were in a world of manual paste up with blue lines, jazz drives and waxers (that is REALLY old school for you non designers), but none the less it seemed cutting edge and fun. What was this industry I stumbled upon? Well, finally I made my way to graphic design. I entered the amazing design program in the Department of Art and adored it. I could finally be an artist and the way it was described to me...make money! What a concept.

Well again, life threw me a few curve balls. I graduated in 2000 and at the time, the design world of Seattle was completely saturated. I couldn't find a job for the life of me! What to do? Well, move home of course. I moved back into my Mom's house and quickly became addicted to the budding new TV genera "REALITY TV". I was a total TLC junkie, "Wedding Story", "Baby Story", you name it, I watched it. It took a strong kick in the pants to get me out into the real world where I became a florist, designed furniture sales tags for Leathers (a now almost defunct leather furniture store) and made a complete turn into event planning when I met my mentor Kelley L. Moore at the Seattle Wedding Show. I was Kel's first assistant and learned so much from her. We planned weddings & corporate events and had a blast. She taught me how to work hard and the power of having attention to detail.

As Kelley moved on to building her multimedia empire, I moved on to CRG Events. From there, I planned corporate events for several years, always maintaining my love of design and beautiful things. Soon, the opportunity arose to start a Creative Department at CRG. I was just about ready to move on from events anyway, so this transition back to design to lead our budding new department was a dream come true. The dream lasted for a couple of years before it became apparent that from a business perspective, it would be best for me to go out on my own. On July 1, 2007 Suite 7 Creative was born and I've been on cloud 9 ever since! (Note: the #1 asked question...where did I get the name Suite 7 Creative? Simple...I live in apartment #7 in my building and "suite" sounded much swankier than "apartment 7"!)

Don't get me wrong, owning your own business can be stressful, but the flexibility and freedom I have with Suite 7 is well worth it. I get to design amazing projects...
travel to fantastic places like Florence....
London (hey, are my eyes closed?!)...
and am leaving for Holland and Spain in two weeks! I might not be that bright eyed little girl anymore, but I have found a way to make fun and creativity part of my daily life. I feel blessed to be able to do what I do and am constantly amazed by the love and support of my family and friends. With one year down, I can't wait to see what the future holds for Suite 7 Creative. Stay tuned and I'll keep you posted!

xoxo Chelsea

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