The Yard: After...well kind of!

So in the delay from my last post, we had a rain storm and then a week of sun. I'm not complaining, but our lawn is totally dead! So, although the yard looks a thousand times better, it isn't necessarily a green oasis!

The biggest improvement? Our new patio and raised beds! We've gone from this

to this!

And this...

to this!

I love the patio so much...it is such a great place to sit and have dinner or drinks with friends. We re-used the pavers from the old path, so it was really inexpensive! To add a little texture and life, we made a rock and succulent garden under the ridge of the house

We've continued the rock motif on the other side of the patio too. We have some more succulents to plant here too...it acts as a great barrier keeping the gravel from the path from spilling onto the patio.

Of course, we still need an umbrella, seat cushions and some bright accessories, but on our budget, it is a HUGE improvement.

The rest of the yard is a little dry, but we've created a great blank slate with cut beds and an enhanced moss filled front path

We have a bit more to save and then its off to the nursery to fill the yard up with some green!


Yard Make Over {Part One}

We have been enjoying fantastic weather here in Seattle...28 straight days of sun! Fantastic! With all this great weather, Stein and I have really been working hard on our outdoor space. When we moved in, in October, this is what we started with...

There was a rickety picket fence around one side of the house...

and a pre-fab tall fence on the front side of the house...

We live on a bit of a busy street and to maximize the sale price, the seller tried to re-route the entrance of the house to the side of the house vs. the front. It really doesn't make any sense, so we quickly went to work, removed the old fence and built a nice new (consistently styled) fence all the way around the property.

We moved the gate to the front of the house and got to work putting in a new front walk...

We pulled up the red pavers from the previous path and as a budget saver plan on reusing the bricks for a new patio.

Then we got to work with a sod cutter, clearing out beds along the fence and leveling an area for the patio...

We've made so much more progress since then, it is amazing to look at these original photos. Stay tuned for tomorrow's post to see where we are now!


Cuter by the Minute!

Zoe, or "Little Z" as we like to call her, has been growing and growing and is getting cuter by the minute. When we brought her home, she was so little...

She loved running around the yard and especially eating grass (well, really anything in site...leaves, weeds, moss...you name it!)

Slowly, her ears started popping up. I loved it when she had one up and one down...

She is such a good dog and we absolutely love her. I have to admit, she is about the cutest thing I've ever seen. I'm not the only one who thinks so...she stops traffic wherever she goes! :)

I can't believe how big she is getting...pretty soon we'll have to change her name from Little Z to Big Z!

Gotta love Corgis!

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