Fancy Vodka...To Go!

You know I am an addict of well designed packaging. Because of this, I visit the site Lovely Package often and ooh and aahhh over the selected projects. This one really popped out at me today...

How fantastic is that? Kraftstoff Vodka by The Deli Garage has some of the best packaging I've seen in a long time. A built in flask? I mean really, how can you go wrong?! It comes in three unique flavors...

There is Melon Mint

Ginger Coriander...mmmm

and Espresso.

I just love the illustrations...detailed and cheeky. How great are those flavors...I think I need to hop on a plane to Germany to check these guys out!


Stylish Compost Pail?

Seattle has finally started collecting food scraps for compost. It is a great service, but leaves us with the stinky problem of what to do with our food scraps. It isn't always convenient to run outside to the yard waste bin, every time you cut an apple. So, I've been hunting for the perfect counter top compost "pail". Here is what I've found...

I love this bamboo option from Olive Barn. With convenient features like a liner that can go in the dishwasher and a charcoal filter to keep the stinkys away, it is a great option!

This stainless steel pail is a classic from Crate & Barrel. The entire pail goes in the dishwasher here...love that!

There is the hammered copper option from Gardener's Supply Company for the country kitchen.

Or a brightly colored ceramic option...

My favorites however are these beautifully hand made ceramic options from Rabbit Creek Studio...

Looking much more like sculpture than a bucket on your counter, these lovely pieces are complete with holes in the lid for air flow and an area to insert a charcoal filter...perfect!

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