Introducing...the house!

Here is the first peek into our little place (call them the "before" pictures)...it is a great stucco bungalow and we love it!

You walk in through the arched leaded glass front door into the living room.

To the right is the office...and home to Suite 7 Creative!

The living room features our huge fireplace with original craftsman tile...

Immediately across from the front door is the arched doorway leading into the dining room.

Next, we have our little, and I mean little kitchen. Amazingly enough, we've cooked quite a few meals, and it actually functions fairly well!

On to the bathroom. This little guy is getting a major overhaul come December. We're talking new floors, new tile, sink, fixtures...the works! I can't wait.

Finally, we have the den...

and the bedroom.

So, as you can see...it has good bones. If I do say so myself. We have lots of plans to make it our own. Lots of work and I'll keep you posted all the way. Stay tuned for shots of the place with our furniture all moved in as well as "after" pictures, coming soon!


Seadevi said...

What a cute place - congrats!

Manna said...

Adorable! If you're interested in keeping with mosaic tile floors in the bathroom, www.mosaictilesupplies.com has so many products to choose from you will spend hours shopping. They also have a large selection of craftsman tiles.

Good luck!

Chelsea said...

Thanks seadevi...we are really excited!

Manna, I'll check out the mosaic supplier. We already have our floor tile, but I always like to look! :)

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