Puppy Love

I know, I know, I must be crazy...with all that is going on right now, why would I want to throw a puppy into the mix? Don't worry, I know it is not the time, but darn, I want a puppy!

The plan is to get a blue merle Cardigan Welsh Corgi some time next year. We even have a name...Blue! Aww...

I've been researching breeders for a long time and of course, my favorite breeder in Oregon just had puppies! Look at these little guys...

photos via Starry Nights Stables

Ohhh, so cute. And Cardis grow up cute as well...I just love them!

I've grown up with Corgis my whole life. My Mom still has a Pembroke (without tail) named Sadie and she is a real part of the family. Check her out at Christmas a couple of years ago...he he, I love this photo!

OK, I'm getting off point. I'll continue to follow the pups from afar and come Spring, I can't wait to introduce you to our little Blue!


Anonymous said...

Oh seriously - who doesn't love a Corgi!?! http://www.flickr.com/photos/fl_gal23/sets/72157602147493731/

Chelsea said...

I really do love them. I can't wait until we can get one. Your dogs are just darling. Thanks for sharing your photos!

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