I hope you all had a great weekend! We were at the beach in Manzanita, Oregon. It was absolutely beautiful, except for the weather. Drizzly the whole time. Nothing like our next stop on our trip...Sitges!

What a gorgeous beach town. I've never really been anywhere that mixed ancient architecture and the sea. It is a magical mix. It reminded me of being in a pirate movie. I can just imagine the cannons firing as the ships approached this beautiful city! There I go into La-La Land again... Don't you agree it is beautiful?!

I love the colors of these beautiful glass lanterns hanging in a shop window!

This roof treatment is rather "Gaudiesque" isn't it?

I love the details of these windows. They all tell a story!

If the beautiful town wasn't enough, we really topped our day off laying on the beach, swimming in the warm sea and enjoying each other's company! It was a wonderful day I will remember, especially during the dark days of winter.

Up next...back to Holland!

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