Tulip Vases

While visiting the Rijks Museum in Amsterdam, we saw a fantastic collection of Delft Blue Pottery or "Delftware" including a small collection of vintage Dutch Tulip Vases. I especially loved the Pyramid Vases. Can't you just imagine a pair of these in your home?

Photos courtesy Rijks Museum
Upon my return home, I've been on a mission to find myself my own version of these spectacular vases. Well, they are a bit harder to find than I imagined and are quite expensive! This small version from Royal Delft is almost 500 Euros!

This much less expensive version from Rawhide Studios doesn't quite hold the same charm, but may have to do.

Or maybe this one from Dutch Village, but it is still almost $300!

I may just have to turn to a modern interpretation (and that is hardly settling!). The spectacular designer Lotte van Laatum has released a gorgeous line with her own take on the classic tulip vase called "Tulipa Vases". These are fantastic!

This one is only a prototype, so it isn't for sale yet, but it is my favorite

Photos courtesy of &David
Learn more about Lotte's designs in this interview. Her work is so great.

Lots of amazing options, but none that are quite right. I will continue to hunt until I find the perfect vase...I'll keep you posted!

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