Hola Barcelona!

We arrived on a hot afternoon in Barcelona...and I mean HOT! The whole trip I swear we hovered in the high 90s low 100s. But the scorching sun didn't stop us from having a fantastic time! Stein's cousin and her family are wonderful. Their two little girls are as cute as buttons...they welcomed us with a cold Corona (from his cousin, not the girls silly), flowers picked from the garden and a hand colored portrait. Darling!

We started off our trip exploring the streets of Barcelona. It is a beautiful city with fantastic shopping and gorgeous Art Nuveau architecture. Speaking of architecture...what was our first stop? Gaudi's spectacular church, Sagrada Familia. It is such an amazing piece of work, which is still under construction, long after Gaudi's death. We heard it isn't slated to be complete for another 60 years!

The masterpiece has two sides...a more modern interpretation, which is still under construction...mostly after his death.

And the original, typical Gaudi side with amazing ornate details. It looks like a drippy sandcastle, but as you approach it, it is amazing the detail that is included all over the facade.

The interior is is just as spectacular...with huge colorful stained glass windows, a jaw dropping vaulted ceiling and pillars that reach up mimicking trees...I can't think of any other word to describe it, other than amazing!

What could top that? Well, it was hot, as I already said, and we were hungry. Sooo....the answer, of course? Tapas! We started with a nice, cold beer and some traditional toasted bread. They rub fresh tomatoes on it and drizzle it with olive oil...so tasty!

Next we got fresh steamed mussels, succulent beef Carpaccio and beautiful calamari. We ate it so fast, I didn't photograph it...sorry! We finished off our superb meal with a salad of olives, tomatoes, walnuts and goat's cheese and the highlight...fried camembert cheese with a drizzle of quince...so good!!

After our meal, we were due for a little walking, so we explored the old part of the city. The Gothic architecture was spectacular, full of grotesque details. I couldn't get enough.

We finished up our day at another Gaudi masterpiece...the home he built called Casa Batllo...check out the link, their website is gorgeous. I absolutely loved this place. The organic shapes and bright colors created a whimsical fantasy environment inspired by the sea. What could be more wonderful in a home?

And that was just one day! I think I'll finish off our trip to Barcelona tomorrow (this is getting a bit long!). Stay tuned for more Gaudi, a trip to the Spanish countryside and a wonderful day by the sea!

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sierra said...

Where are the pics of you and Stein??? Loved reading your blog and seeing the pics of your journey too.


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