Etsy Love

I often find myself killing a lot of time on etsy. If you aren't familiar, it is an online marketplace for artists where they can feature their handmade items and will be the location of the future Suite 7 Creative shop (coming soon).

My most recent find is Heather Knight Ceramics at Element Clay Studio.

I love the modern, organic shapes of her work. These urchin bowls would be perfect for my apartment...

You can use them as votive holders, a great place to hold your rings or just beautiful art objects. A handful of the pieces come with a glazed interior which hold a great pop of color!

Check out these fantastic botanical wall tiles.

I love the way they look in groups...

They even have beautiful orb sculptures to offer. I love them!

Check out Heather Knight's portfolio here.


Demara said...

The botanical wall tiles are BEAUTIFUL! perfect for a bathroom I think.

Oh in case you were wondering...I was just in the "Facebook Blog Network" neighborhood, saw your e-door open and stopped by for a quick visit.

Come by and visit too if you like, my door's always open!

Chelsea said...

I know...aren't they fantastic. I love how the white porcelain really shows of the line and texture of the pieces. Spectacular!

I'm glad you found my blog network...I'd love to have you join! I'll check out your place as well. I always love new blogs!

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