I was treated to quite the culinary experience last night at a superb new Italian restaurant on Capitol Hill called Spinasse.

photo via Spinasse

To begin with, the decor is spectacular...rustic and charming it is like dining in a friend's home. A friend with a gorgeous eye for design! Worn wood beams punctuate the walls and four family style tables surrounded by mismatched wood farm chairs fill the room. Drippy candles and Italian art hang on the walls which encompass a fantastic bar topped with honed Carrera marble and deep dark wood shelves. The windows are covered with delicate lace adding to the traditional yet modern homey feel. Romantic and fun...I loved it!

photo via here

I wish I could have smuggled in my camera to take pictures of the fantastic food we ate. Here is a list of the decadence that we consumed...

A salad of marinated beets, fennel and local farro: one of my favorites

Anchovies in Piemontese green sauce with crumbled egg yolk: I didn't think I would like these but I really did!

Gorgeous portabello mushrooms doused in a creamy buttery cheese sauce: I think my description says it all YUMMMM!

Fine hand cut egg pasta with ragu: Rich while staying light...did I mention they hand make all their pasta in house?

Piemontese agnolotti in broth with Italian black summer truffle shavings: Mild and comforting

Huckleberries marinated in Grappa with a dollop of freshly whipped cream: Fantastic...sweet and tart with perfectly smooth cream....ahhh

I know, I know...are you kidding me? It was so flipping good. Not to mention the cocktails and wine. We were in heaven!

photo via here

This place must be checked out by all...I guarantee you will enjoy it!


OBT said...

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Seadevi said...

Chelsea - thanks for linking to my photos. Really appreciate it.

Chelsea said...

Of course...thanks for the great photo montage. You got the shots I wish I could have!

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