Portfolio: Queen Anne Apartments

I recently completed a fun project for some friends of mine who purchased a fantastic vintage apartment building on Queen Anne. They were in need of a whole new identity for the building...so we started with the logo. Its "regal" Queen Anne location was the inspiration for the crown like mark used, while the text treatment used is hip and fresh but still holds true to the era of the building.

Next we determined a color scheme of deep chocolate brown and crisp white, marrying the historical aesthetic of the fantastic building with a modern, clean twist.

The final look was applied to their "For Rent" sign...which turned out beautifully!

I'm really pleased with the final identity and it was a great treat to get to work with friends!


coco+kelley said...

i'd rent that apartment! oh wait... i think those WERE my old apartments! very cute chels :)

Chelsea said...

I know...can you believe it? Tiff could be your landlord. :)

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