The Good Old Days

All the talk of yearbook photos yesterday got me looking back on my childhood again. As I reminisced, a variety of fun memories came up. Thanks to YouTube, you can walk down memory lane with me...are you ready?

Remember this?

They're coming back you know...but I hardly think it will be the same!

Even farther back...no wonder I lived in La-La Land...these are the shows I used to watch...

Yes, that is Fergie and Jennifer Love Hewitt...too funny!

What about this one? I was so excited one of the dancers was named Chelsea! Of course she isn't featured in this clip...

I think the dancers are a little saucier than I remember. Fancy!

Back to the cartoon days and the memories get even groovier...

They have such great opening songs...

And the toys! What fun!!

I remember I took the adoption application SO seriously. This was my new child you know!

I can't tell you how bad I wanted that dang oven!

What were they smoking when they came up with that one?! I have to admit...I loved them!

Finally the movies round out the fun. I hope you've enjoyed my look back!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking me back about 27 years! I am now stuck in my own head remembering so many things from my childhood. I am now inspired by you for my next post!

Chelsea said...

He he...I know. I love all this stuff. I could have spent the whole day digging though old clips. I can't wait to see what you post!

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