Portfolio: Muse Coffee Co.

I've had the pleasure of working with my dear friend Brent to provide signage for his fantastic coffee shop Muse Coffee Co. Located on the West side of lovely Queen Anne, Muse definitely has its own style. Brent already had a rockin' logo:

And a modern, funky interior...

Wanting to stick with the existing design forward, trendy look of the space, I created a white vinyl cling menu that Brent adhered to his charcoal grey walls.

The greatest part? If Brent changes his menu, all he has to do is pull off the vinyl cling and remount a new one!

Next we tackled the pastry case...we wanted a similar look so we went with a "mini-menu" look for price tags...

Again, needing flexibility, we created blank cards that Brent can write on in white wax pencil if he offers new products.

I have to say...it all turned out swimmingly. Muse is such a fantastic place and has become one of my favorite hang outs. The environment is warm, the people are friendly, the internet is free, the music is superior, the coffee is spectacular (Herkimer!), the treats are decadent and they host all kinds of fun events like a rotating art gallery and Monday night Purl Jam, a fun knitting group. Best of all, Brent is a gem. I encourage you to check them out!

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