Jumbo Fun!

Sleeping in an airplane...that is the worst! There never is enough leg room and only a billionaire can afford the seats that barely recline in First Class. But what if the airplane had all the amenities of a swanky hotel?

OK, this baby won't ever take off, but what a wonderful idea! Swedish entrepreneur Oscar Diƶs recently acquired a worn out Transjet 747-200 and decided to turn it into a hostel...Jumbo Hostel! It is located just outside of the Arlanda Airport in Stockholm, Sweden and has a spectacular view of the runway. The "hostel" features 25 sleeping rooms including 3 bunk beds in each.

All rooms have a flat screen TV where you can watch TV, movies or check the departure times for all flights. The hostel is fully wireless and all rooms have access to shared showers and toilets. A few more luxurious rooms upstairs boast their own bathrooms.

If shacking it up with strangers isn't your cup of tea, you can always book the Cockpit Suite. It is surely a unique room with more space, a private bathroom and gorgeous panoramic views of the runway from the airplane's front window. Can you imagine?!

Bookings start in December...if you're headed that direction, maybe you should check it out! Reservations are accepted on their website. I can't wait until they release photos of the interior. Futuristic and mod, I'm sure it will be spectacular!

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