It's in the bag, baby!

As I'm sure you've noticed, eco friendly shopping bags are popping up left and right. The plight of clearing out land fills is no longer just a question of values, it has become a fashion statement! Check out these fantastic shopping bags and let all of those around you know how you feel about saving the earth...

The Flora Shopper Bag by Envirosax is now available at Target! With a modern, somewhat Asian feel... for $9.99 who could go wrong?

The Betty Bag from b. happybags is so bright and fun. Definitely one for the hot summer months!

This fantastic tote from Basura Bags is made from recycled juice packs by a women's co-op in the Philippines. Completely unique and completely recycled!

OK, two more from Envirosax...they're just so dang pretty!

And don't forget Baggu! They come in a rainbow of fun colors...it's hard to just buy one!

What bag do I use? Well, my Harrod's bag of course. I adore it.

So, my friends, the answer these days to the age old question "paper or plastic?" is "none, I have my own thank you!" Make sure you stand out by finding a re-usable bag that is uniquely yours.

images courtesy of Target, b. happybags, reusablebags.com, Envirosax and apartment therapy

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