Weekend Excursion

This weekend Stein and I decided to walk down to the Seattle Art Museum, Olympic Sculpture Park. It was such a gorgeous, sunny day...we had a fantastic time. Acting like tourists in our own town, we wandered the park, enjoyed the view and saw some spectacular pieces...

I love this sculpture called Perre's Ventaglio III by Beverly Pepper. The shiny chrome finish is offset by a deep azure blue interior. It really sparkles in the sun and creates unique optical illusions with its intricate shape.

Each piece has such rich colors and textures. They are highlighted beautifully against the sunny, blue Seattle sky.

I'm not too wild about the giant, orange construction cones. Does anyone know what these are all about? I decided maybe they are place holders for future sculptures. Maybe?

The bright, modern chairs scattered about the park are a much better use of orange. I love how you can pull them wherever you want and create your own little seating area.

This giant ampersand is really fun. It is surrounded by tables shaped like punctuation marks and letters. Perfect for a graphic designer!

Finally, my absolute favorite piece...this giant tree is completely made of metal. I love the mix of nature and man made materials. It is majestic and elegant and again is greatly highlighted against the beautiful blue sky.

See the Sub Pop flag on top of the Space Needle? They are celebrating their 20th anniversary!

We finished off our night at our favorite neighborhood hangout Via Tribunali with our ever entertaining friends, Brent & Kelley.

It was a fantastic day!


Anonymous said...

We love the livin' giggles out of you two also! We had another great time together!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that I deleted the other pics! ;) Love you both.

Kmpfurniture said...

I love those sculptors, the photos are well taken, I glad I came to your blog I am comming to Seattle next August for a SEO course.


Anonymous said...

I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.


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