80's Flashback!

Anyone who knows me well, knows I heart the 80's. It was the time of my childhood...full of fun. I found something today that took me right back to the golden era...grown up Shrinky Dinks!

Well, this product is known as Shrinky Sheets and is so new and improved that it can be run through your inkjet printer! Just think, all of your beautiful art and design can now be shrunk down into those ever so charming little, crafty bits. The Shrinky Sheets can even work for photos!

How cute is that little dog ring? Artist Rylan Morrison has created a jewelry line with her little Shrinky treasures called White Limousine. Check out this bad boy...I love it! The possibilities are endless!

I absolutely love this product and will have to pick myself up a pack. You can find them at the Curiosity Shoppe for only $12...what a steal for a time machine back to childhood joy!

images via the Curiosity Shoppe and Talia Simhi of Time Out New York

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