Perfect Plastic

Plastic lawn furniture...what does that phrase conjure up? Images of lawn gnomes, dilapidated trailer parks and pink flamingos? Not the case my friends! I recently stumbled upon something that I think is genius...Plastic Fantastic by Jasper van Grootel at Studio JSPR, a Dutch interior design brand.

They've taken classic lined, antique inspired furniture and essentially dipped it in plastic. Why would they do this? Well, not only does it make the piece weather proof...yes ALL weather proof, but it allows for the application of amazing bright colors to the piece as well.

Outdoors or in, these delightfully whimsical yet classic pieces are so inspired. The range of colors available is incredible...like a rainbow. Too bad they cost a bit more than my price range will allow!

If you have the "financial bandwidth" you can purchase Plastic Fantastic at nova 68 and Generate.

photos courtesy of Moco Loco, ohdeedoh, Crib Candy, nova 68 and Little-Pumpkins

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