I {heart} the Fleet Foxes!

Last Spring, Stein introduced me to the Fleet Foxes. We went to see them live at Neumos and I instantly fell in love. Their beautiful melodies and spectacular (and I mean SPECTACULAR) voices are otherworldly. Check them out for yourself!

They give me chills...I hate to put them in a music box, but it is like CSN&Y and Fleetwood Mac got rolled up in a shiny new package with masterful lyrics and classic harmonies that take you away. You really must see them live!

They are really taking off and now inspiring a whole new group of artists. Check these ladies out...

Sharing my same admiration (covering the Fleet Foxes Tiger Mountain Peasant Song), these Swedish sisters (going by the name First Aid Kit) have wonderful voices of their own. I love how music is just a big inspirational circle. Maybe I should just say I {heart} music, but for now, I'll stick with my favorite and say I {heart} the FLEET FOXES!


Seadevi said...

Love the Fleet Foxes - we're going to see them next Sunday at the Moore.

Chelsea said...

We are too...I can't wait to hear those amazing voices again live. I'm sure it will be a fantastic show!

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