I'll Take It!

Can you believe this amazing Manhattan apartment? All I can say is...yes please!

Real estate mogul (and one of the top 100 bachelors in NYC as named by Gotham Magazine) Matt Blesso's fantastic apartment is a dream designed by two Yale design professors...Joel Sanders, architect and Diana Balmori, landscape architect. They specifically focused on bringing the outdoors and indoors together with the landscape design highlighting the fantastic features of the space's architecture.

If that outdoor shower isn't enough for you, look how they bring the outside in here...what a GORGEOUS bathroom!

That plant wall is spectacular. The rest of the interior is just as fine with organic furniture, graffiti style art and a master bedroom completely encased in glass that turns frosted for privacy with the flip of a switch!

I know jealousy is wrong...oohhh, but I am! What a lucky boy Mr. Blesso is!

photos via The New York Times


...love Maegan said...

um, yeah, amazing ...I love the rooftop patio.

Chelsea said...

I know...can you imagine? Wouldn't you just die?!

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