Strip Teas

I was visiting my favorite coffee shop, Muse Coffee Co. this weekend on Queen Anne and discovered Brent is carrying a new, hip, spectacular, fun, yummy tea called Strip Teas.

The design of these little puppies is just ingenious. In a tall aluminum foil perforated pocket, the entire tea "strip" is environmentally sound and 100% recyclable. The unique shape allows for the tea leaves within to unfurl releasing the fantastic flavors into the water and is the perfect shape to act double duty as a stir stick!

Packaging is just charming and the teas come in six spectacular flavors including Masala Chai (a black tea with ginger, pepper, basil and a touch of cinnamon), Pushkar Rose (just as it sounds, flavored with rose) and Maristar (with marigold petals and sweet anise).

Strip Teas is the brain child of Emily Koteff who lives here in Seattle, so support a local business woman and pick up a cup of Strip Teas at Muse Coffee Co. today!

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