Chandelier Make Over

I've recently been touring a lot of houses in the Seattle area shopping for the perfect home to settle down in. My aesthetic leans toward modern interior design, yet the majority of the architecture in the homes I've been viewing is traditional/vintage. These craftsman charmers feature wood floors, coved ceilings and chandeliers to boot. How do you dress up a chandelier to make it modern without painting the whole piece a shocking bright color?

My latest love for chandelier renovation is Kaarskoker. They create decorative replacement candle sleeves for just about every chandelier style. Why didn't I think of that?! What an idea. Here are a few of my favorites.

Check out how great they look installed!

Throw in some round bulbs vs. the traditional flame shape and you're good to go! The sleeves are so decently priced, you can change them for every season! I can't wait to make over a chandelier of my own.

all images via kaarskoker.com

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