There's No Place Like Home

I'm thrilled to announce Stein and I are homeowners! We got the keys to our little jewel last night and spent the evening planning renovations, making decor plans and sharing our dreams for the future.

Center to our discussion was the review of Domino's new book...The Book of Decorating

The book is officially released on October 14th, but one of my favorite shops here in Seattle, Revival Home and Garden has pre-release copies! Their fantastic shop is going to be featured in an upcoming Domino issue, so they were blessed with a great shipment of early books. I rushed over yesterday to ensure I had my copy for our evening of brainstorming and couldn't be more thrilled with the publication. It is like a fantastic scrapbook of my favorite rooms featured throughout the years in the magazine along with helpful hints and how tos. I'm calling it my decorating bible, but it really is like "Decor 101".

Run down to Revival to get one for yourself or definitely pick one up on the 14th...it is well worth it! Tre Magnific!!


Anonymous said...

CONGRATS SISTER! Can't wait to see it in person. Love the pic of Stein, I am happy for you both.



Chelsea said...

Thank you...you will be on the guest list for our first shin dig...can't wait to make up for all the parties at your place. xo

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