The Oxford Project

When visiting Revival Home and Garden last week, I came upon a book that made me think, laugh and thoroughly impressed me...The Oxford Project.

This genius book was created by Peter Feldstein in 1984 when he set up a sign offering "free portraits" in the town of Oxford, Iowa. His intention was to photograph all of the town's 673 inhabitants. By the end of his campaign, he had captured the images of 670 of the townspeople. None of them were posed, simply caught in their natural light.

The real magic happened when Peter came back to the town 21 years later in 2005 and re-photographed many of the same folks. Some had passed and most had changed, but amazingly a large number of them still lived in the small town. Peter invited writer Stephen G. Bloom to accompany him to capture the subject's narrative on their own life. The only parameters..."to tell the truth." And so The Oxford Project was born.

Pat Henkelman offers a story of infidelity, faith and daily life here.

Hunter Tandy speaks of his life's passion, his second cousin Ashton Kutcher and life in a small town here.

Darrell Lindley speaks of his gruesome but necessary job, life and death, the war and his favorite pass times here.

The stories are touching and eye opening and are a glorious look into the daily lives of those around us. I particularly enjoy the photos of children in '84 who are now grown. The way they recount their hopes and dreams and reveal how life has turned out reminds us all of our past and dreams for the future. I've added The Oxford Project to my list of must haves and will pick it up for sure!

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